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Barbara head shotBarbara Leuin, Ph.D., has been writing business plans for start-up ventures since 1996. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in all types of businesses, including business-to-business, commercial real estate, technology, television, personal growth training, and golf entertainment.

Barbara has raised millions of dollars for start-up and early-stage businesses. She works closely with attorneys, investment bankers, angels funders and venture capital to provide insight into what makes an attractive investment offering.

Barbara completed her doctorate in natural resource economics in 1978, with an interest in alternative energy resources. After five years of cutting-edge work in energy demand forecasting for Public Service Company of New Mexico, Barbara entered university teaching. She taught economics, business, energy economics, and finance at a number of liberal arts colleges and universities.

In 1993 Barbara went to work for a personal growth seminar company and was trained as a facilitator for one of the best personal growth programs offered at the time. In 1995, Barbara took this training to the entrepreneurial realm and began her first company to offer business plans and capital formation for start-up ventures.  Based on experience with a variety of clients, Barbara authored the popular book Planning With A Heart, published in 2001.

In 2003, Barbara’s interest expanded to real estate. She began working with a local mortgage broker to find private investors to fund real estate projects. She was licensed in real estate and also began her own investing.

Today, Barbara seeks to help other investors gain the maximum leverage in investing in commercial real estate, through Sofia Capital Ventures, LLC, “Your Concierge For Private Commercial Lending.”  You can reach her at 760-809-6236.

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    It was great to meet you at the Five Star meeting last night. I would like to speak with you in the future about business plans. Perhaps we can talk sometime later this month. I look forward to talking with you then.