Living Your Passion

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with different people all dealing with the same challenge. Their question is essentially this, “How do I bring forth the best of me in a world that tries to pigeon-hole me?”

It’s kind of like when we were kids and our parents tried to encourage us in awkward places, “Just be yourself.”  What does that even mean, anyway?

By the time we become adults we’ve been sons, daughters, athletes, cheerleaders, scouts, club presidents, volunteers, employees, dancers, singers, whatever. We’ve become our labels!

For the past year, I’ve been morphing my business to align more with my core values, heart-felt passion, and desire to fulfill my life’s purpose. The results have been startling, if not shocking.

 ”Planning With A Heart” has been my brand name for years. In 2001 I authored a book by that name, and have branded my particular method and strategies for writing business plans and helping entrepreneurs develop their business roll-out. I’ve taught seminars, offered the coaching program, and now, am coming full circle to fulfill my passion as a business educator to empower more business owners to greater success in a world that is hungry for “win/win.”

“Planning With A Heart” is proud to offer “The Executive Experience”–a 3-day Immersive Adventure for Entrepreneurs. I’m offering an incredible package to people who want to participate in the re-launch of this interactive training and video product I’ll be creating. The program is a “business simulation” that takes you through the entire planning cycle, from vision and mission to product and marketing to finance and investors.

What’s different about “Planning With A Heart” is two things. First, it is a more intuitive, right-brained approach to business planning. Second, it encompasses both the inner person and the external actions and results. The reason is simple – for your results to change, you have to change!  For the results of an organization or business to change, the inner beliefs, attitudes, strategies, and mindset of the people in the business have to expand to allow the business to grow successfully.

In “The Executive Experience” business owners will have the opportunity to experiment with all of these elements, and more. While the format is to work on simulated businesses, the results I’ve seen in the past have been astounding. Real businesses have been started, and owners of existing businesses have made astounding breakthroughs that have enabled them to take their business to higher levels.

This is not a pitch. I’m just telling you what I’ve been up to. However, if you’re at all interested in learning more, please let me know. The website is still “dark” but we’ll be launching soon. So right now, I’ve got some amazing early, early bird specials going for both participants and sponsors. Leave me a comment or Contact Us here.

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